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Project Highlights

Maryland State Highway Administration CHART System (active)
We are continuing a phased development of the CHART traffic management software as part of Team CSC. See the following link for more information on the CHART system: http://www.chart.state.md.us.
Class Registration and Management System (Yogareg.com) (active)
We worked with a leading yoga studio in the area to create a web-based application to allow studios to manage their student data, schedule classes, and accept on-line registrations and payments. We provide this system to other businesses on a subscription basis (Software as a Service (SaaS)). We continue to add features as well as subscribers and have expanded to many areas outside of yoga. Our system works well for anyone that offers classes to students. We have an entire site dedicated to this system - view the demo at http://www.yogareg.com.
VRE Mobile (2012, 2013)
We built an Android application to allow Virginia Railway Express patrons to view current train locations and status on their smart phone, and to find train schedules for their planned trips. This application is available in the Google Play Marketplace for a nominal fee. See the user's guide here for a full description of this application.
Virginia Railway Express - Map Replacement (2012)
We replaced the map used in VRE's TRIP system to use Bing maps. Our Bing map is fully customized to allow VRE to store map views, create icon layers to include locations and contact information for first responders, and to show current train locations. A full version of the map is included within the VRE TRIP system, while a publicly accessible version of the map can be viewed here.
Virginia Railway Express - GTFS (2012)
We enhanced the passenger information and train tracking system we developed for VRE to provide a Google Transit Feed. This data feed allows mobile application developers to access data about train schedules, real-time train locations, and trip updates for use in their applications.
Motorola / City and County of San Francisco (PUC) (2011)
We provided an upgrade to our USB based Personal Utility Controller which allows emergency (911) dispatchers to operate a Motorola digital radio system with a dedicated device instead of using a touch screen or mouse. This system includes custom hardware, a Windows Vista USB device driver, and a java based application service.

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